03 Oct 2018

We are working hard to reduce environmental impacts across the entire life cycle of our products and services, based on a firm understanding  and analysis of reliable data.



Eco Vision 2050

1.   Produce CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle by 80% by 2050, compared to

      2005 levels.

2.   Promote recycling and effective use of Earth's limited resources

3.  Work to promote restoration and preservation of biodiversity

Enironment Plan: Objectives and Efforts

We have set concrete targets under four objectives that must be achieved as we work toward implementing our "Eco Vision 2050."

  Medium Term Environmental Plan 2015

  Green Products Certification System

  Fiscal 2010 Targets and Results / Fiscal 2011 Targets

We aim to create products that have little impact on the environment in all stages of our business, from product development, to procurement, production, distribution, sales, and services.